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What is TFP photoshoot?

Most of the professional and amateur photographers do TFP photoshoots time by time. TFP means “time for print”, usually it’s free of charge photoshoots for updating the photographer’s/model portfolio. And no, it doesn’t mean “free photos for everybody”. If you are interested in participating in this type of projects as a model you will have to prepare properly, make up, outfits, accessories is your responsibility unless provided. Make sure about requirements posted by the photographer (certain type of look, location, time). Eventually it could be some expenses such as studio rental, rental of public spaces (some parks and historical venues have their fees for the portrait photography) etc. All those details would be discussed upfront.

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How to prepare for the photoshoot?

The most important thing: don’t drink alcohol the day before the photoshoot and sleep well. If you were partying hard it will definitely bring some unavoidable puffiness to your face. Prepare the acce

Why I require the deposit to book your photoshoot?

I implemented the deposit requirements a few years ago. In the very beginning I didn’t charge my clients upfront and I had positive and negative experiences. Most of the time I scheduled the clients a


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